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real time black vibration data collectors for power plant


Moving to Industry 4.0 — Is Your Organization Ready?

With the Industry 4.0 market expected to grow from $70 billion (in 2019) to $210 billion by 20261, there is no doubt the time has arrived for this “next evolution” in manufacturing. As a result, many facility leaders are ready to enjoy the promise of Industry 4.0 as soon as they can.

While such a desire is sensible, it may also be risky. Industry 4.0 can boost manufacturing outcomes, but it isn’t a guaranteed cure-all. Companies cannot hit the ground running as soon as they “adopt” it. Rather, moving successfully to Industry 4.0 requires a thoughtful, well-executed plan that involves assessments, strategic planning and shifts in company culture. It can also include technology improvements, including data security.

Will these activities delay the adoption? While this is possible, at I-care we don’t think of it as a delay. We consider it an important step for success — and one that ensures all bases are covered. Moving to Industry 4.0 with care will reduce the odds of a failed effort. No one, from the board room to the plant floor, wants that outcome.

As someone who has been deeply involved with Industry 4.0 for many years — and as I-care’s designated expert in this area — I offer you my insights.

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