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rotational waterproof vibration sensors for bearings



  • Overall level and dynamic vibration data

  • Broadband acceleration and velocity measurements

  • SKF Acceleration Enveloping for early detection of defects in bearings and gears, and other impact type phenomena

  • Temperature measurement

  • Configurable data acquisition and processing

  • Periodic measurements

  • Mesh network communication

  • 4-year typical sensor battery lifetime (configuration dependent)

  • Rugged, compact design

  • Gateway is powered from an industrial, wide range, 24 V DC or PoE

  • Interfaces to wireless sensors (such as IMx-1), SKF App and software


  • Replacement of manual machinery health data collection and/or widening monitoring coverage

  • Increase of the frequency of monitoring from months and weeks to days and hours

  • Makes automated data collection easier and more affordable

  • Data from machines in inaccessible locations or measurement points behind guarding

  • Quick and scalable deployment

  • Allows reduction of unplanned downtime by identifying and resolving problems before they result in costly machine failure

Extend service intervals and reduce maintenance costs in railways

Today, maintenance accounts for around 20% of costs for railway operators. In addition, unplanned stops and delays are costly in terms of reduced train availability and brand reputation. Condition-based maintenance can help you avoid these outcomes.

RONDS is a wireless and self-powered condition monitoring system with an associated remote analysis service for passenger rail train bogies. It allows you to anticipate issues before they develop into failures by advanced early notifications with actionable information and optimize inventory by integrating our bearing knowledge into your processes.

By basing decisions on real-condition data, you can optimize your maintenance scheduling and enjoy extended maintenance intervals – reducing both maintenance and life-cycle costs. The risk of experiencing unplanned stops and unwanted downtime are also significantly reduced through remote monitoring.

Insight Rail is easy and quick to install – taking only a few minutes. Certified for railway applications, this solution is wireless, requires no on-coach installation and is available for retrofit.

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