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The safety control of the equipment is the basic support of the smart factory. The RONDS EPM is known to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment in the intelligent factory.


Perceptual layer: Solve equipment connectivity, data source issues

Analysis layer: Solve data governance, data storage, data operations, is a platform for algorithm and model precipitation

Application layer: Intelligent service application for practical problems of various enterprises

Main Services Based on RONDS EPM

RONDS EPM: Based on the past & Master the present & Fortune-telling & Collaborative optimization

Support the constructionof self-owned care capacity

Help enterprises build predictivemaintenance platforms, and set upequipment diagnostic analysis teamto provide software, hardware,diagnostic capabilities, carestandards and algorithm services.

Service mode care key equipment

Provide low-cost, high-volumemobileequipment in the form of services
Professional care, to achieveuniversalmoving equipment such as pump
Fan intelligent alarm,intelligentdiagnosis

Provide expert databaseand knowledge base services

The platform has accumulated alarge number of multi-element data, combined with theprofessional models of theindustry'stop experts and deeplearning and other mathematicalmodels, into intelligent algorithms
and intelligent services.

Key Equipment Care in RONDS EPM

Care equipment type: Dynamic static meter

Care failure type: Power frequency faults and mechanical faults of mobile equipment, and these faults account formore than 90% of equipment fault types

Foundation for the realization of care: Real and valid data related to equipment operation, such as vibration,temperature and process quantity data, according to standards
Device degradation trend
Statistical operation gives data recommendations
Conclusions and recommendations for nursing diagnosis

RONDS EPM Key Equipment "Five in One" Service System

Through the RONDS EPM system, a comprehensive "five in one"equipment comprehensive intelligentservice system is formed toensure the complete safety and control of key equipment of customers.

RONDS EPM Enterprise Application Value

Safe controlled

All devices that have an impact on safetyare monitored, and the real-time status of the device is monitored to avoidpotential safety hazards.

Production guarantee

Reduce unplanned downtime Improve equipmentoverall efficiency (OEE) Ensure long-term continuous production.

Free APP

Reduce equipment maintenance frequency toprevent accidental overtime and repairs to ensure the management efficiency ofequipment management personnel.

Equipment value preservation

Accurately predict and analyze equipment failuremechanism to avoid over-maintenance, reduce maintenance cost, extend equipmentservice life, and improve return on investmen.

Data driven intelligent decision

Core data mining and analysis based ondevice operation status, supporting intelligent device management and improvingequipment operation efficiency.

RONDS EPM Application Interface Display

RONDS EPM large screen display with RONDS EPM APP

Control device status in real time & Detailed control of the abnormal situation of the controlled equipment and the current processing status data for decision-making & Find directions for improvement from the data

EPM Platform Application Effect Estimation

Planned maintenance time

Save 20%~50%

Equipment running time

10% to 20% increase

Total equipment maintenance cost

Save 5%~10%
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