Intelligent Diagnostic 

Diagnosis Service Type​​​​​​​

Diagnosis Service Features

  Strict diagnosis service assessment quantitativestandards;

  7*24 service

  For different types of equipment, RONDS diagnosticexperts develop customized acquisition strategy.based on the operating characteristics of the equipment.Intelligent save is used for sophisticatedanalysis to ensure data quality;

  lntegrate the R&D team led by doctoral tutors incolleges and universities, and launch an intelligent alarm system to ensure the timely detection ofabnormal state of the unit and automatically locateabnormal parts through comprehensive monitoringof equipment series indicators;

  The customer can browse the status of the onlinemonitoring device in real time through the APP, andcan interact with RONDS diagnostic experts online.

Diagnosis Service Team

Diagnostic analysis team

lt is built by full-time vibrationanalysts with CAT lI, CAT III qualifications, some experts withmore than 20 years of equipmentexperience

Intelligent algorithm team

Led by famous doctors

Software big data team

Jointly established by industryexperts and experts

"Five in One"

Equipment Care Service

"Five in One" Service

Through the predictive maintenance of the RONDS EPM system, the company has formed a comprehensive “five-in-one” equipment comprehensive intelligent service system to ensure the comprehensive safety and control of key equipment of the enterprise.

Diagnostic Academy Training 


Diagnostic Academy Training Service

RONDS Diagnosis Training Center

Relying on strong diagnostic analysis experts and intelligent algorithm teams, we will design and develop courses for the purpose of “improving equipment reliability and operational efficiency”,cultivate practical personnel for equipment management under the intelligent era, create a training and analysis talent training base, and help customers upgrade equipment. Manage the level of intelligence.
RONDS Diagnosis Training Center cooperates with MOBIUS INSTITUTE of Australia to promote the training andcertification of vibration analysts in accordance with international standards in China to help practitioners in thediagnostic field obtain internationally recognized and recognized qualifications.

RONDS Diagnosis Training Center Features

lnternational Authoritative Certification

RONDS is the authorized training andcertification center of Mobius in China, andalso a diagnostic service organization that hasobtained GL certification.

Professional teachers

RONDS has a professional remote diagnosiscenter and an international team of vibrationanalyst experts.All vibration analysts not onlyhave a profound theoretical foundation, butalso have many years of experience in large-scale complex equipment health monitoringand fault diagnosis.The ability and teachingeffect are well recognized by customers.

Plenty of case resources

At present, the remote diagnosis team hasmonitored more than 10000+ equipment, andaccumulated thousands of successful casesinvolving wind power, petrochemical, cement,coal mines, etc.The actual monitoring resultsand related service concepts are gone at theforefront of the industry.

lnnovative training methods

5-week remote pre-training,1-weekimmersion training for students to easilyobtain certificates.

Why Attend lSO18436-2 International Vibration Analyst Training?

Master the basicknowledge ofconditionmonitoring andfault diagnosis andanalyze the basicfaults of themachine.
Determine themechanicaloperation statusand improve thereliability andservice life of the equipment.
Provide reasonable operation advice and inspection and maintenance advice for the production of the enterprise.
Save production costs and improve production efficiency.
Be a senior professional in the field of diagnostics and a practical talent in equipment management in an intelligent era.

Who Our Course ls Prepared For?

  lnspection personnel

  Equipment maintenance personnel

  Equipment management personnel

  Equipment fault diagnosis personnel

  People who want to focus on the equipment management or who are interested in mechanical vibration

What Are the Conditions that Applicants Need to Have

Diagnostic technology training: basic understanding ofthe rotating equipment structure, operation and maintenance
CAT l: The minimum cumulative time for engaging inrelevant professional work experience is 6 months
CAT lI: The minimum cumulative time for engaging inrelevant professional work experience is 18 months
CAT Il: The minimum cumulative time for engaging inrelevant professional work experience is 36 months

Passed CATll vibration analyst training,and passed thecertification for more than one year;
Have simple English reading ability, can read simple scientific literature, or equivalent to college English CET-4level.
Note: engaged in related professional work,refers toequipment inspection, equipment operation andmaintenance, equipment management, equipmentfault diagnosis and other related professional work

Student Comments

China Resources Power East China NewEnergy Operation and Maintenance Company and RONDS have cooperated forone year. We have contacted with the vibration analysts from Diagnosis TrainingCenter a lot, and are also deeply touched bytheir service.First of all, the analyst shavestrong technical capabilities, comprehensiveanalysis of equipment operating status,accurate analysis of equipment failure points, and accurate analysis of fault levels.Furthermore, we shall learn the serviceculture of Diagnosis Training Center.Monthly reports are sent on time.Equipment failures are promptly reminded.Problem equipment is tracked, andcustomer requests are responded in a timelymanner. The last point l have to mention isthat the analysts are modest and enthusiastic. Whenever and wherever, theywill always answer our questions with enthusiasm.This guarantees the healthy andstable operation of our transmission equipment.

Participants in Previous Training

Training Course

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