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Care Intelligently

The Super Guardian of Industrial Equipment

Based on sensing technology, data acquisition, big data analysis and cloud services, Ronds SuperCare equipment intelligent operation and maintenance platform breaks through many barriers and realizes information integration by using edge computing, intelligent algorithms, diagnostic models and other technologies to obtain the real status data of equipment. Ronds SuperCare platform uses digital technology to drive the transformation of equipment overhaul and maintenance, life prediction, inventory management and other operation and maintenance businesses, so that the effectiveness, economy, security and other aspects of equipment operation and maintenance can be improved comprehensively.

Predict Future

Redefine the Equipment Operation and Maintenance Mode

Multi system fusion/elimination of data islands

Ronds SuperCare platform breaks through the information barrier with cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things, 5G, big data, etc., opens up the equipment status engine and various business management platforms, eliminates the information islands of various equipment operation and maintenance modules such as data collection, status monitoring, operation and maintenance business, cost control, etc., and realizes efficient information linkage.

Status digitalization/one-stop management of the whole process

In the context of convenient technology in the digital era, Ronds SuperCare platform has made more simplifications for the complicated mechanism of traditional equipment operation and maintenance. Relying on the new technology independently developed, the platform realizes the visualization and digitalization of equipment status, drives the whole process management business such as equipment inspection and maintenance, simplifies the complexity, automatically generates inspection and maintenance work orders in a one-stop manner, and automatically triggers spare parts delivery, so as to truly achieve intelligent industry.

Multidimensional interface/building monitoring skynet

Ronds SuperCare platform supports the provision of software and hardware access data, development algorithms and applications. The multi-dimensional interface enables the monitoring of equipment vibration, temperature, current, voltage, oil, torque and other multi-source data, helps clients improve the all-round equipment monitoring system of all rotating and static equipment and electrostatic instrument, and builds a dedicated intelligent monitoring skynet.

Intelligent engine/incubation unlimited possibilities

While realizing multi-source data monitoring, Ronds Supercare platform also takes into account the derivative application of intelligent algorithms. Based on knowledge base, data factory and algorithm factory, Ronds SuperCare plateform integrates equipment mechanism, expert experience, machine learning and big data technology to build a digital and intelligent industrial equipment state intelligent engine. This "fertile land of wisdom" is based on an open platform and supports clients to develop intelligent algorithm applications, which will incubate unlimited possibilities in the future.

Creat Value

Go All Out to Make Industry Better

Eliminate safety accidents

SuperCare platform can obtain equipment abnormal status information in advance, implement accurate operation and maintenance, eliminate hidden dangers, avoid unplanned downtime, improve the intrinsic safety level of equipment, and eliminate safety accidents.

Realize few or no operator

SuperCare platform will gradually replace the manual spot check, reduce the workload of personnel, and promote the realization of less people and unmanned spot check. At the same time, through information equipment management software, SuperCare platform gradually replaces offline business, unifies standards, standardizes operations, solidifies processes, and improves work efficiency.

Lower maintenance cost

SuperCare platform will change from past maintenance and preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance and condition based maintenance, effectively reducing equipment over repair and under repair, extending equipment maintenance cycle, reducing spare parts consumption, and reducing the comprehensive cost of equipment operation and maintenance.

Drive intelligent transformation

SuperCare platform has broken the people-centered pattern and changed to an intelligent operation and maintenance mode with data and model as the center. The equipment status data drives the equipment management business, realizes the digitalization and visualization of equipment status, and helps enterprises to achieve intelligent transformation.

Knowledge accumulation and solidification

SuperCare platform has a professional knowledge base of equipment technology, management, diagnosis, and failure, which can help enterprises effectively accumulate knowledge management in equipment maintenance, failure management, material management, and basic equipment information, thus providing reverse guidance for equipment management.

Platform Application

Help Enterprise Equipment Operation and Maintenance Reform

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