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Ronds Intelligent Monitoring Solution for Wind Power Industry

Ronds intelligent monitoring overall solution for Wind power generator set

The collected data is uploaded to the system server through various sensors installed on the wind turbine. The system triggers an alarm through the intelligent alarm system. The data is transmitted to the remote diagnosis center and the site at the first time, and the diagnostic engineers immediately intervene to analyze the fault to find the location, degree and root cause, give inspection and maintenance suggestions, enable equipment management personnel to grasp the equipment operating status in real time and accurately ensure production safety, reliability and stable operation of equipment, achieve predictive maintenance, and improve wind farm equipment management level.

Main monitored equipment

Provide monitoring solutions covering multiple components and multi-technology means such as drive chain, gearbox lubricating oil, blades, towers, bolts, etc., providing users with more possibilities and greater flexibility in the selection of equipment monitoring range and achieve a comprehensive assessment of the state of the unit by using a variety of advanced sensing technology.

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Application Case

RONDS is the leading company in China in the CMS field of wind turbines at present.
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