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Ronds Intelligent Monitoring Solution for Petrochemical Industry

Ronds remote intelligent monitoring system builds the Internet of Things to solve the problem of data acquisition through the arrangement of sensors, makes data sharing and analysis through the use of a large number of intelligent algorithms to help customers achieve all-round intelligent monitoring for equipment, reduce the risk of equipment negligence , disrepair, reduce unplanned downtime effectively,conduct full lifecycle management, improve component availability, manage spare parts, and improve operational efficiency.

Ronds remote intelligent monitoring system operation mode

predictive maintenance definition
Avoid equipment accidents and reduce production safety risks
advantages of predictive maintenance
Realize predictive maintenance and reduce overall maintenance costs
predictive maintenance applications
Improve equipment reliability and reduce unplanned downtime
predictive maintenance companies
Optimize spare parts management and reduce capital occupation

Optimize spare partsmanagement and reduce capital occupation

Solve the importantequipment care in the chemical industry, provide predictive maintenancecovering the pump group and large units, effectively ensure the safe productionof the chemical industry, and improve equipment management level and productionefficiency.
Availability: Motor directdrive cantilever pump, motor direct drive double support pump, pump withincreaser and reducer structure (first stage deceleration), screw compressor.

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Application Case

Ronds has accumulated nearly 800 successful fault diagnosis cases inthe petrochemical industry.
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