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mechanical remote vibration sensors for bearings


Wireless systems

Increasing demands on plant performance puts increasing pressure on machinery. To avoid unnecessary downtime, equipment needs to be monitored more often. As less time and resources are available for manual walk-arounds, automation is crucial, and wireless systems play a key part in achieving reliable rotation.

On-line monitoring

Automated machinery monitoring: SKF’s on-line monitoring systems provide automated machinery monitoring for up-to-the-minute information to help you optimize the operation of key production assets.
Facilitate a proactive approach: On-line systems complement the use of periodic data collection instruments, facilitating a proactive approach to reliability with around-the-clock monitoring of machinery in harsh, remote, unsafe or difficult to reach locations.

Simple, wireless and scalable end-to-end predictive maintenance solution

The first line of defense for your machinery. RONDS is a cost-effective, cloud-based condition monitoring solution from SKF and Amazon Web Services (AWS). RONDS is ideal for virtually any industry*. From food processing to pulp and paper to pharmaceutical to utilities to universities and hospitals, and more.


  • Triaxial wireless technology

  • Machine-learning capabilities

  • Fully automated

  • Intuitive app interface

  • Cloud-based solution


  • Scalable and cost effective

  • Automated anomaly detection

  • Easy install and use

  • Data at your fingertips

  • Reliable and secure

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