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rotational dustproof vibration sensors for motors


It concentrates on making the most meaningful information available to all process automation users according to their roles, regardless of their location. The new structured UI adds capability without complexity. Improving your competitiveness could become your team’s routine.

Valmet DNA User Interface enables your team to perform better. In the control room and beyond.

Collaboration enabled.

Role-based access

We decided to give you an opportunity to open your control system for every relevant person in your organization to make teams collaborate more efficiently. Role-based user access gives just the right information for the operators, management, lab, warehouse, maintenance, sales, purchase...

The most meaningful information for everyone. No less, no more.

The right information. At all times.

Structured UI

Is something more critical than ensuring that your process runs flawlessly without downtime or quality defects?

The structured UI makes operators’ work effortless by prioritizing information on different levels. Observe even the smallest changes easily and take immediate action.

Valmet DNA UI provides superior user experience in all applications.

Go beyond the control room.

Always aware

Valmet DNA UI features an advanced operating concept. The walls of the control room are not the limit any longer.

Built based on the latest HTML5 standards, it allows you to work simultaneously on mobile and desktop devices. This opens whole new opportunities to access your process from anywhere, anytime.

Touch control, keyboard, and mouse are all supported.

Certified cybersecurity.

ISO 27001 + IEC 62443-4-1 standards

Valmet DNA UI was built from the ground up the cybersecurity in mind, using the Defence in Depth (DiD) approach. The security has been externally certified per the requirements of ISO 27001 and IEC 62443-4-1 (SDLA).

Additionally, Valmet's Cybersecurity Lifecycle Services provides our extensive support to protect you against any threat that might occur.

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