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embedded EX vibration sensors for alarm systems


Machine learning is key

RONDS combines RONDS’s knowledge of rotating machinery and predictive maintenance with AWS’ industrial AI services to enable smarter, better decision making.

RONDS collects and analyzes vibration and temperature data to detect equipment anomalies and provide notifications on the health of your machinery. When abnormal machine conditions are detected, users are alerted so they can respond with proper maintenance.

Historical trend data is the basis for machine learning. The more data collected, the smarter and more accurate the machine anomaly detection becomes.

Always on Automated equipment monitoring trends your machine data, detects anomalies around the clock, and sends alerts when you need to take action. Always with you Whether on your phone, tablet, or PC, condition monitoring data and alerts are at your fingertips. Always one step ahead Make more informed decisions and avoid issues before they occur. The more data collected, the smarter the machine learning becomes. RONDS constantly evolves to safeguard your equipment.

• Fully automated wireless technology for 3-axis vibration and temperature data collection • Works out of the box and easy to install • No technical expertise or vibration experience required • Uses machine learning to detect anomalies and notify users • Cost-effective and scalable P

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