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user-friendly black vibration data collectors for farming


Since the concept of Industry 4.0 arose in Germany more than a decade ago, advocates have been pointing out its potential. With its focus on digitized processes and operations, it is a cornerstone of digital transformation.

The pandemic, which saw digitally-enabled companies pivot and adapt to its challenges more successfully than non-digitalized firms, was a “wake-up call” for those who were lagging in their efforts. Yet, even early adopters continue to struggle with their Industry 4.0 adoptions. There are many reasons why this has happened. Impediments range from cybersecurity and cyber threats to outmoded data architectures and infrastructure.

At I-care, we have worked with dozens of companies that were struggling with their Industry 4.0 projects. In many cases, we found an additional barrier — loss of interest among leadership and staff due to the complexity of the effort.

Change is hard, but moving to a new system driven by unfamiliar technologies takes vision and courage. To help our clients break down the barriers to adoption, we identified a key element of Industry 4.0 — data — that they could focus on first to fine-tune their decision-making process and prepare them to achieve “quick wins.”

Data-Supported Decision Making: a Cornerstone of Industry 4.0 and Any Reliability Improvement

Despite the very large quantity of data available in modern machinery, sensor data and other sources, many organizations still are not leveraging it successfully. At I-care, we discovered that we could help clients achieve two goals by using data as the key element in the exploratory phase of our reliability improvement initiatives.

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