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metal silver vibration data collectors for farming


leading industrial organizations have trusted our predictive maintenance technologies, methods and domain expertise to help make better machine health decisions for improved asset management performance

Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance

We collect, connect, manage and analyze your data utilizing all in-house capabilities with a high standard of quality and service. Through our integrated technology expertise and asset management methods, we deliver the needed benefits of decreasing maintenance costs, increasing equipment uptime, while improving overall reliability and safety to your facility’s operations.

Supercare is a hardware-enabled, software as a service predictive maintenance delivery model that allows customers to implement our mounted monitoring solutions in conjunction with traditional route-based PdM. WaaS eliminates the upfront capital needs for monitoring products. It is an all-inclusive cost per machine including:

  • Hardware: Network, Sensors (based on your strategy)

  • Installation: Supported by your professionals or full install by I-care

  • Analysis: Monthly and Bi-Monthly

  • Alarm Management: based on your strategy or criticality

  • Reporting: Cloud-based integrated reporting

  • Support: Optional Expert Kits for monitoring troubled assets

  • Warranty: Full product warranty for the period of contract length

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