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sychronous silver vibration data collectors for wind turbine


Delivering Expertise to Customers

Another area where resource matching is vital is when a company seeks referrals of possible technician hires from a vendor or a partner. Not all companies define the scope of maintenance technician positions in the same way.

When an I-care client asks me for help with this effort, I get specific. We need to know exactly what the resource will do. Sometimes, a seemingly small effort might require all three levels of expertise. In those cases, it may make more sense for the customer to work with an outside firm for talent augmentation or convert the effort to a project that will be outsourced.

We have identified the complete range of different responsibilities that should be assigned to each level of engineer. In essence, a senior-level person should only be doing high-level or management work, or training/mentoring junior or intermediate engineers to do fieldwork. The result is better outcomes, and it frees the senior worker to oversee more or bigger projects.

Perhaps most importantly, it avoids wasting resources. A junior reliability engineer will be challenged by doing walk-downs, writing work instructions, doing computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) integration work, etc. Once the engineer has more experience, he/she will probably be able to perform criticality analyses, technical coaching, spare parts management, and other activities. That leaves senior engineers to focus mostly on project and change management, assessments, RCM facilitation and other higher-level activities.

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