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Learning Under Real-World Conditions

In addition, I recommend company leaders partner with a firm that can conduct a simulated “facility shutdown process drill” complete with logistical and safety-related restraints. It will provide attendees with a clear, detailed picture of how one works, typical activities such as work execution management, and commonplace challenges they may encounter, such as resource restrictions, quality issues and scheduling concerns.

Admittedly, senior-level techs can also train less seasoned workers, but that should be more of a coaching exercise and not a primary training mechanism. Senior technicians are more expensive and can help resolve a greater range of problems without assistance than junior or medior (intermediate) workers.

The alternative to ignoring the value of training is that your firm, no matter how advanced it considers itself now, eventually will have an outdated workforce. You won’t be prepared to tackle the challenges of rapidly evolving disciplines like predictive and prescriptive maintenance. Once you get behind your competitors, it’s often more expensive to play catch-up than to simply train your staff well in the first place.

In summary, I urge all facility leaders, maintenance managers and other industry professionals to invest in professional training, delivered by experts. Our research indicates that the benefits foster company success and boost its productivity. They can also help a firm retain existing, highly skilled and informed staff:

  • 94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development.

  • 74% of workers are willing to learn new skills or retrain to remain employable.

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