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realtime silver vibration data collectors for farming

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Anhui RONDS Science&Technology Incoporated Company

RONDS is a high-tech enterprise  in the field of industrial Internet. Our company was formed in 2007, and our strength lies in intelligent operation&maintenance platform solution and equipment predictive maintenance products and services.

In 2021,RONDS successfully listed on the scientific innovation board of Shanghai Stock Exchange. Stock code:688768

Ronds Team

RONDS employees: 500+

Technical team employees: 200+ ; R&D expense ratio: 18%+
Software R&D Team:  Has the level 3 certification of CMMI ( Capability Maturity Model Integration )
Hardware R&D Team: Possesses strong theoretical basis + Over 10 years practical experience
Intelligent Algorithm Team: Able to build a fully autonomous data platform

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RH560 Wireless Data Collector
Input and output
Communication with Sensor2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4
Transmit Power22dBm
Number of sensors connecting45~60 units according to real application condition
Electrical and Structure Parameter
Power Supply220V AC
Weight3 kg
Environment Parameter
Ambient Temperature-40~70 ℃
IP gradeIP68
RH1000 Data Collector
Max. channels16 channels vibration/temperature, 1 channel speed, 2 channels processing, vibration(temperature measurement is optional)
Channel No.16 channels
Sensor integratedIEPE acceleration sensor, High/ low frequency and dual acceleration acquisition synchronously
Input impedance200kΩ
Input couplingAC
Sensor drive current4mA@24V
A/D converter24 bits delta-sigma ADC
Sampling frequency256Hz、512Hz、1280Hz、2560Hz、5120Hz、12.8KHz、25.6KHz、51.2KHz、102.4kHz
Dynamic range100dB
Signal range-10~10V
Frequency response0.2dB(10Hz ~ 5kHz)
0.6dB(2Hz ~ 20kHz)
Integrated temperature measurementSupport
Temperature measurement range-40℃ ~ 125℃
Speed channel
Channel No.1 channel
Sensor integratedTTL isolation,12V non isolated,24V PLC isolation
Power output12VDC
Trigger level5V、12V、24V
Speed measurement range(1)Against proximity switch、PLC,speed range:0 ~ 20000 RPM。
(2)Against high speed encoder、incremental encoder、shaft encoder,speed range:0 ~ 10000 RPM,impulse per circle:1-2048。
Processing channel(optional)
Channel No.2 channels
Input impedancevoltage:≥ 10kΩ
current:≤ 250Ω
Signal accessvoltage:-10V ~ 10V
current:4mA ~ 20mA
Signal processing
Acquire long time waveform length2M samples/CH
Acquire measurement definition length1K,2K,4K,8K,16K,32K,64K,128K,256K
Spectrum lines400,800,1600,3200,6400,12800,25600,51200,102400
Basic parameter
CPU frequency400MHz

Click here and leave a message to learn the detailed specifications


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Anhui RONDS Science & Technology Incorporated Company, founded in 2007,is a high-tech enterprise in the field of industrial Internet.




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