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realtime black vibration data collectors for transportation


Choosing a wireless module instead of engineering a chip-down solution is the fastest way for developers to complete their projects,” said Hakim Jaafar, General Manager – BLE/802.15.4 MCU, STMicroelectronics. “The STM32WB5MMGH6 module, based on our own STM32WB55 wireless MCU and fully supported by ST, now makes this approach faster, easier, and more affordable than ever.”

The STM32WB5MMGH6TR is in production now and available for new designs, priced from $6 for orders of 10,000 pieces. It is supported by ST’s 10-year product longevity commitment, which ensures long-term availability of parts for industrial applications.

Further technical information

The STM32WB55 MCU powering the STM32WB5MMGH6 has an Arm® Cortex®-M4 core for application-level processing and a Cortex-M0+ dedicated to managing the integrated radio, which safeguards real-time performance in both domains.

The MCU contains generous on-chip RAM, which is particularly advantageous when running the Thread protocol. Popular use cases include wireless communication and control of devices such as remote sensors, smart door locks, PC accessories including printers, and infrastructure equipment like network gateways and smart-building controllers. The radio’s multi-protocol technology provides flexibility and allows convenient device administration and fleet management.

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