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real time silver vibration data collectors for gas pipe


Characteristics of a Comprehensive Training Program

While I am somewhat biased in favor of our training programs and invite anyone reading this article to check them out, my underlying message is more direct: well-documented and professionally developed training — no matter what firm develops it — is essential.

Following are some practices we incorporate in our training programs that I recommend you look for in any training program or solution you evaluate.

  1. The courses should address all skill levels. In particular, training is mission-critical for workers in low and mid-level positions. These are less-skilled workers who can eventually be “coached up” to assume senior roles. That can result in huge savings over seeking high-skilled, in-demand workers at the outset.

  2. The best training programs include “soft-skills” training, where maintenance technicians and other workers learn how to communicate more effectively with each other, company management and even clients if needed.

  3. The training courses are certified by recognized industry groups, such as the Mobius Institute, Infrared Training Center and International Council on Machine Lubrication.

  4. The training program preferably will also include sessions with company “subject-matter experts” who can offer insight into trends and other information for their particular area of expertise, such as condition-based monitoring.

103T 1-axis dustproof vibration sensors103T 1-axis dustproof vibration sensors


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