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Exacerbating the issue, many firms lack the resources or knowledge to vet and hire the right people. In the meantime, senior-level engineers are being asked to perform the work of junior people, frustrating them and potentially accelerating their retirement plans. Realistically, they want to help their employers, but they also want to perform the work they were hired to do.

Acceleration of retirement among senior workers makes the problem even worse than one might assume. Why? Senior workers possess “tribal knowledge” and historical perspectives that younger, more inexperienced staff do not.

Addressing the Knowledge Deficit: Outside Training for Maintenance Workers

Often, the most logical solution may seem to be training and upskilling younger workers. This is great in theory, but the only staff who are experienced enough to train and upskill others are often senior workers. That just makes the situation more difficult.

Fortunately, there is hope. One approach that can deliver significant value involves letting experienced staff act as mentors. They will gain a sense of purpose by sharing their knowledge and skills with younger workers/apprentices, and the facility’s capabilities will be increased.

Another approach is to allocate resources for outside training. Firms who go this route must confirm the training is recognized by respected entities such as the Mobius Institute Training Center, the Infrared Training Center and the International Council for Machinery Lubrication. For facility leaders reading this who are interested in training, I recommend an article written by one of my colleagues, I-care training expert Pedro Viña.

In essence, it is far more effective for senior staff to spend time training junior and intermediate-level maintenance technicians rather than to perform the work themselves. Not only is this less frustrating for the senior person, but it also creates an environment of “mentorship.” Senior (and often intermediate) personnel can share best practices and life/work experiences that inform the younger workers’ knowledge base.

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