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industrial waterproof vibration data collectors for farming


Facilities Management is an industry that isn’t going anywhere, and neither are M&R professionals.

Exacerbating the problem, many organizations don’t have the resources to attract the right people. The result is that higher skill-level workers end up handling routine operational tasks, such as working with technicians to troubleshoot where a machine broke down. The facility ends up using an $80 per-hour person to solve a $20 per-hour problem.

All of these factors led I-care to start a talent augmentation offering. Based on my experience working as Talent Director for RONDS Talent, an offering like this confers numerous benefits for organizations in all industries, even if they aren’t struggling to find good talent. With a qualified “talent augmentation partner” on board, personnel directors can focus on the many important tasks that fill their days. They also enjoy the reassurance that all the professionals who come to them have been fully vetted and proven their worth.

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