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industrial black vibration data collectors for gas pipe


If the assets are wirelessly monitored, the solution provides even more flexibility, as information from facilities — no matter how remote — can be transmitted for expert processing. Even in widely dispersed plants in isolated locations, the growth of remote Internet connectivity has made it possible for assets to transmit information. Furthermore, this capability is only going to increase. By 2027, an estimated 267 million3 active asset trackers will be in use worldwide for industrial automation and other uses.

Whether a facility is located in a remote wilderness or a massive chemical complex with advanced technological capabilities, automated wireless monitoring offers proven value. Specialists who analyze the data can determine not only the current state but also historical trends. That information can then become part of a “feedback loop.” Not only does that approach allow maintenance schedules to be optimized based on each wave of input; but it also informs future predictions that help machine maintenance technicians avert downtime.

This approach not only ensures uptime but also prevents “over maintenance,” where maintenance is performed on a more aggressive schedule than the asset requires. Finally, it provides maintenance teams and decision-makers with important insight into potential “run to failure” assets — those for which allowing them to fail is more cost-effective than maintaining them aggressively.

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