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What to Look for in a Talent Augmentation Offering

Following are my thoughts on what a company should seek when evaluating talent augmentation resources. Consider them my list of “best practices.”

  1. The firm takes time to evaluate all aspects of your needs and match them with workers who fit the classification and price range.

  2. They offer talent at multiple skill and experience levels, such as junior, intermediate/medior and senior.

  3. Unless they are willing to bear the added expense, the firm will never send a senior worker to do a junior’s job just because they don’t have a junior worker available at the time.

  4. If a company requests a senior-level worker, they will also have the capability and willingness to train the firm’s lower-level workers, such as Junior Engineers that do fieldwork.

  5. Last, but certainly not least, they are involved with the firm’s projects, budgets and anticipated results. Any senior worker they assign to a project should be capable of doing project management.

As a final requirement — one so important that I did not want to put it on the “talent best practices” list, the company should have significant experience in predictive maintenance and reliability.

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