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cable-free black vibration data collectors for gas pipe


Where Industry 4.0 Can Veer Off-Course

While the potential of Industry 4.0 is exciting, the results can be problematic. For many years, data scientists have handled data analysis. Their position has been, “Give me your data and I will provide you with the necessary insights.” Although this offer may seem tempting, it can be a barrier to success, especially when emerging approaches and methods are involved.

Data scientists may be able to interpret the data, but that doesn’t mean they understand industrial production processes, nor are they the most informed about how to apply it in the field. In addition, modern sensors in manufacturing equipment can produce a huge amount of data that must be used properly to valorize it in the field.

In my experience, it is essential that executive leaders who plan to apply 4.0 methods either hire or partner with subject-matter experts — people who know what they are talking about. The options are varied and include reliability engineering specialists, operations and IT managers, statisticians and data scientists.

The team should include a range of skillsets, from predictive maintenance to vibration analysts, from Process engineers to Reliability engineers. I cannot stress this last point more firmly. Variety in Industry 4.0 teams will ensure that the right challenges are addressed that, if properly implemented, will lead to business value. If an industrial firm does not have the in-house expertise to cover all these specialties (and few do), they should look for an outside partner that can provide these skillsets and not just the technology.

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