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World Manufacturing Convention | Ronds new product release conference and Equipment Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Summit Forum was successfully held

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On September 20th, the world's top event "2023 World Manufacturing Convention" was officially launched in Hefei, Anhui province. On the afternoon, the first release of the conference - Ronds new product conference and equipment intelligent operation and maintenance Summit Forum was held in the General Assembly hall. At the meeting, Ronds "1+N+X" intelligent operation and maintenance products and scene solutions were released for the world.

Distinguished Guests: Representatives of leading enterprises in various fields gathered at the forum

This event focused on new products, new models, new cooperation, new experience, etc., fully displayed the latest achievements and application practices of the development of intelligent equipment operation and maintenance, and highlighted the characteristics of the 2023 World Manufacturing Conference "national, global, manufacturing".

The event attracted key manufacturing enterprises such as State Power Investment Group, State Grid Co., LTD., COFCO, Anhui Conch Cement Co., LTD., CITIC Pacific Special Steel Group, Nanjing Iron and Steel, Shougang Jingtang United Iron and Steel Company, Beijing Jianlong Heavy Industry Group, Huaibei Mining Group, Wanhua Chemical Group, China Unicom Smart Steel Team, China Chemical Huayi Engineering and Technology Group, etc. Representatives of a number of securities and investment institutions gathered to witness the product launch, share practical experience, and jointly discuss the innovative development of equipment intelligent operation and maintenance.

Market-leading products: 1+N+X intelligent operation and maintenance products and scenario solutions released

At the meeting, Yao Jiebing, general manager of Ronds, released "1+N+X" intelligent operation and maintenance products and scene solutions, and many innovative products and subversive functions newly defined equipment operation and maintenance mode.

SuperCare equipment intelligent operation and maintenance platform upgrade

Previously, Ronds released Supercare equipment intelligent operation and maintenance platform 1.0, which has successfully helped leading enterprises in various industries to consolidate the smart factory base, and was selected as the key industrial Internet platform in Anhui Province and Industrial Internet application cases in 2022.


At this press conference, Ronds Spercare equipment intelligent operation and maintenance platform 2.0 was released, with more powerful intelligent sensing, data center, intelligent algorithm model, intelligent application, etc., to further improve equipment state perception ability, big data application ability, state research and judgment efficiency, business processing ability, etc. It can meet the intelligent operation and maintenance needs of multi-industry, multi-type and large-scale industrial equipment.

“Industrial intelligent eye” and “RondsRobot”  have been unveiled

At the scene, Ronds released the "Industrial Intelligent Eye RW820" and " RondsRobot S5" robots for static small area scenes, dynamic inspection or regional scope than square scenes.Through the integration of video, thermal image, sound and other multi-sensory capabilities, based on comprehensive AI computing power, Industrial Intelligent Eye RW820 can achieve specific areas of leakage monitoring, instrument reading, equipment failure analysis, and even personnel safety behavior monitoring, and can be linked with the field control system.  The product is perfectly compatible with Ronds wireless communication station, which can realize full wireless deployment at lower cost, full wireless communication and power supply, no need to plug and switch on.

"RondsRobot S5" robot, for the current robot market "lame", "short", "weak" and "difficult" four status quo, intelligent algorithm combined with the characteristics of Supercare platform cloud edge linkage, can achieve on-site unmanned. At the same time, 30% lighter than the industry, 10% lighter than the lightest products in the industry, lighter weight combined with the original patent chain design can effectively avoid slipping, while achieving super climbing, can climb 90° right angle slope; The robot has a full battery life of up to 8KM, and the intelligent maintenance bin is supported to achieve cleaning, temperature control and self-inspection, ensuring long-term autonomous inspection.

Special scenario monitoring system to solve multi-industry pain points

Based on general-purpose intelligent operation and maintenance technology, industrial sites cannot fully cover special scenes such as coal safety, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, etc. Crane, converter tilting and other large complex equipment.  Special production lines such as steel and iron making and underground mining require scenario-based solution capabilities. This time, Ronds focused on many fields, and released a number of special scene monitoring systems such as belt conveyor, crane, reciprocating compressor, coal three machines, blades, large units, machine pumps, rolling mill, bolt and so on.

Many special scenario monitoring systems gather innovative value. For example, the intelligent inspection system of belt conveyor integrates multiple perception and sensitivity to truly realize unmanned inspection. The intelligent crane scenario solution effectively solves the problems such as high safety risks, high fault concealment, high supervision requirements, large workload, difficult spot inspection, and large hidden faults, and has been successfully applied in CITIC Pacific Special Steel Group and Bensteel Group. For the variable pitch bearing monitoring, fault signal acquisition, variable pitch status identification and acquisition signal analysis are difficult, Ronds through the working condition, impact and related algorithm technology breakthrough, succeeded in making 3 difficulties into 3 precision and successfully applied in China Huaneng Group, China Three Gorges Corporation.

Diversified forms: production, learning, scientific research, practical application, and multi-party discussion of equipment intelligent operation and maintenance

On the basis of product release, the event has the attributes of a summit forum, inviting representatives from all walks of life to keynote speeches, industry insights, cooperation contracts and other forms, to better demonstrate Anhui elements and unique influence.

At the meeting, Professor Lin Jing, dean of the School of Reliability and Systems Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, brought the theme sharing of "Integration of machine science and informatics - from mechanical fault diagnosis to intelligent equipment operation and maintenance", comprehensively explained the development process of mechanical fault diagnosis technology and connotation, the data layer, feature layer, decision-making layer integration in mechanical diagnosis, and looked forward to the future prospects of intelligent equipment operation and maintenance.

Representatives of two leading enterprises in the industry, CITIC Pacific Special Steel Group and China Chemical Huayi Engineering and Technology Group, comprehensively shared the exploration experience and practice path of their own equipment intelligent operation and maintenance.

The Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute awarded advanced units and advanced individuals for intelligent operation and maintenance in the steel industry in 2023.

Ronds signed an ecological cooperation contract with the State Key Laboratory of Coal Resources and Safety Development of China University of Mining and Technology, China Chemical Huayi Engineering Technology Group Co., LTD., China Coal Industry Magazine, China Unicom Smart Steel Team, Changsha Dimai Digital Technology Co., LTD., Shanxi Depei Technology Co., LTD., to further accelerate the exploration of intelligent operation and maintenance of manufacturing industry.

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