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The Role and Working Principle of Wireless Vibration Sensor

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The wireless vibration sensor is a machine state monitoring based on wireless technology, with vibration measurement and temperature measurement functions, simple operation, and an automatic indication of state alarm. It is used in industrial equipment status management and monitoring control system; it is suitable for field equipment operation and maintenance personnel to monitor equipment status, find problems in time, and ensure normal and reliable operation of equipment.

Here is the content list:

  • The role of wireless vibration sensors

  • How do wireless vibration sensors work?

The role of wireless vibration sensors

The wireless vibration sensor can monitor the vertical and horizontal vibration and temperature of rotating equipment for a long time and in real time and can analyze and predict the state of the equipment.

As a key production tool in modern enterprises, the reliability and safety of rotating machinery guarantee production efficiency and life and property. Reasons and operation of the structure of rotating machinery, design, and processing of parts, installation and debugging, maintenance and repair, etc. Due to the mistakes in the operation, the machine may cause spatial vibration in three directions: radial, axial and torsional. The direction is unpredictable. These vibrations are the main reason for equipment damage and the main parameters for equipment condition monitoring. It is the main basis for fault diagnosis. The use of a vibration monitoring system can make up for the deficiencies of traditional wired monitoring systems. For the specific needs of monitoring rotating machinery, wireless vibration sensors should have the characteristics of low cost and power consumption, small size, and easy installation. And have the performance of efficiently picking up high-frequency vibration signals in three-dimensional space, storing large amounts of data in real time, and reliably transmitting data.

How do wireless vibration sensors work?

Vibration measurements are designed using the positive piezoelectric effect of quartz crystals and artificially polarized ceramics (PZT). When the quartz crystal or artificially polarized ceramic is subjected to mechanical stress, an electric charge is generated on its surface, thereby converting the vibration signal into an electrical signal. The charge amplifier and the integrating circuit process the input electrical signal to convert the vibration acceleration, velocity, and displacement values. The technical performance of our wireless vibration sensors complies with international standards. It can be used to replace the integrated vibration sensor, and it is widely used in the fields of machinery manufacturing, electric power, metallurgical vehicles, and so on.

Using the piezoelectric effect design of high-precision and high-stable piezoelectric ceramics (PZT) as the vibration element, the advanced technology supports point-to-point, point-to-multipoint applications, and transmits data through LORA, BlueTooth, WIFI, GPRS and other wireless methods, using computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. to receive data to achieve networked wireless monitoring.

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