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The First Lighthouse Factory in The Global Building Materials Industry: Intelligent Maintenance Exploration And Practice by China Resources Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

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In 2023, CR Building Material Technology Holdings Co., Ltd., under its subsidiary China Resources Cement (Tianyang) Co., Ltd., held the unveiling ceremony of the "Lighthouse Factory" in Baise City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. This event marks the official establishment of the world's first "Lighthouse Factory" in the global building materials industry under CRH Building Material Technology.

In recent years, CR Building Material Technology has been accelerating its exploration and practice of smart factories. Through deep collaboration with Ronds, it has been comprehensively advancing the systematic construction of intelligent equipment maintenance, covering areas such as group strategic deployment, software and hardware application transformation, scene planning and implementation, standard system optimization, talent system construction, and data accumulation.


Planning Comes First

Strategic Layout of Intelligent Equipment Maintenance

Intelligent equipment maintenance is a systematic project that requires proactive top-level planning. Starting from the pilot application at Tianyang Factory in 2019, the project has been steadily implemented through overall planning, pilots, and mass construction phases. Currently, CR Building Material Technology has basically completed the overall planning of "1+3+1+3" intelligent equipment maintenance construction, namely "establishing one major platform, supporting three major scenarios, driving one transformation, and achieving three goals." Combining CR's existing business platforms and personalized needs to create a CR intelligent maintenance platform, which is accessed by various factories to achieve unified operation and management.

During this process, Tianyang Factory has played a role as a dissemination source of CR Building Material Technology's digital scale benefits and has demonstrated its effectiveness. Based on 35 4IR use cases created and deployed using advanced technologies such as advanced automation, IoT, artificial intelligence, and 5G, Tianyang Factory has achieved cost reduction, increase in per capita cement production, improvement in labor productivity, enhancement of cement quality, and reduction in carbon dioxide emissions intensity. This has formed a new competitive edge during the industry downturn cycle and gradually shifted towards resource-efficient, environmentally friendly, and sustainable development.

Today, advanced application cases and transformation achievements have been gradually promoted to more than 30 production lines, representing comprehensive internal promotion and application. At the same time, intelligent application products formed based on internal experience have been externally promoted to the power and chemical materials industries after adaptive transformation, sharing achievements across industries and forming a collaborative ecosystem.


Application Implementation

Significant Results Achieved in Three Key Indicators

Successfully transitioning from the traditional "experience-centric" approach to a "data-centric" approach, CR Building Material Technology's intelligent equipment maintenance scenarios are based on data collection and processing from equipment online monitoring systems. They are supported by algorithmic models for remote diagnostic systems and expert diagnostic analysis. Key businesses such as equipment management system maintenance management and patrol inspection management are at the core. The deep integration of the three systems constructs the industry's first "three-in-one" intelligent equipment maintenance platform, achieving a full business closed-loop management of data monitoring, expert diagnosis, anomaly alerting, maintenance operations, inventory linkage, archive collection, and knowledge deposition. The implementation of the overall strategic plan continues to drive the realization of CR Building Material Technology's three major objectives.

Improved Equipment Reliability The downtime of host equipment failures has significantly decreased compared to the same period last year. Hundreds of failure cases have been generated, enriching the application value.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency Based on the application of the equipment online monitoring system, relevant departments have collaborated to optimize procedures, resulting in a significant reduction in on-site inspection workload.

Reduced Maintenance Costs The consumption of spare parts per ton of product has decreased compared to the previous year, resulting in a significant reduction in spare parts costs and outstanding effects on reducing maintenance costs.

Deepening Transformation

From Technological Transformation to Organizational Capability Transformation

The deepening transformation from the technological level to the organizational capability level represents a significant leap in unlocking the value of intelligent maintenance. CR Building Material Technology has gradually realized a comprehensive transformation in intelligent maintenance standards from technology, cognition, and organizational processes. In project practices, it not only outputs multiple standard specifications to ensure the high-quality promotion of projects but also continuously optimizes corresponding management systems to match the pattern changes brought about by project applications, solidifying the results of transformation. The landing of strategic planning and the upgrading of system standards comprehensively promote enterprise development from top to bottom.

At the level of CR Building Material Technology, standardization and centralized management of equipment information have been achieved to realize knowledge and data deposition, fully leveraging the value of enterprise experience and data, and supporting group business and strategic decision-making.

At the management level, the optimization of the system has realized the institutionalization and refined management of maintenance operations. Equipment management standards and corresponding management processes have been standardized and implemented to further enhance management efficiency.

At the execution level, the application of digital technology and the optimization management of business flows have reduced ineffective work such as on-site personnel recordkeeping, thereby improving the convenience and efficiency of operations.


Talent Development

Accelerating the Growth of Independent Maintenance Capability

The transformation and development go hand in hand with talent cultivation. Over the years, CR Cement Technology has advanced the "Star Sky, Star Fire, Star Light" plan for digital talent development, realizing an organic combination of "comprehensiveness," "classification," and "focus," continuously enhancing the overall digital literacy and consolidating the talent foundation. CR Cement Technology conducts ongoing training in equipment intelligent maintenance, covering various aspects such as fundamental theoretical knowledge, diagnostic case writing, remote diagnostic care, and certification for vibration analysts, aiming to cultivate a group of intelligent diagnostic engineers who understand on-site operations, possess equipment troubleshooting skills, and master lean management principles.

In the future, CR Cement Technology will intensify exploration in the field of equipment intelligent maintenance, deepen cooperation with Ronds, integrate scenario-based scaled applications, cultivate autonomous diagnostic capabilities, strengthen data mining, and technological innovation, and build a cross-industry ecosystem to lead the industry towards high-quality development.

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