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Ronds participated in China Coal & Mining Expo and shows the value and charm of intelligent equipment O&M

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From October 25 to 28, the 20th China International Coal & Mining Expo was successfully held in Beijing International Convention and Exhibition Center. Ronds company, committed to building the world's leading equipment intelligent service enterprise, brought a number of smart new products, combined with years of practical experience in the industry, and carried out technical exchanges during the conference, effectively and fully demonstrate the value of equipment intelligent operation and maintenance charm.


RondsRobot S5 was presented for the first time at the Expo. This robot is lightweight, with 90° right Angle super climbing ability, full charge of 8 kilometers of endurance, with the intelligent algorithm combined with the SuperCare platform cloud edge linkage, suitable for dynamic inspection or a large area of the scene, has attracted wide attention.

At the Expo, Liu Gang, vice president of Ronds, released a number of scenario-based solutions. Among them, focusing on a large number of steady-state fixed equipment in the coal industry to create a full wireless monitoring solution, from sensors to acquisition stations to servers to achieve full wireless deployment, not only to support vibration temperature, working conditions, split sensors of multiple types of sensor access, but also to ensure more than 3 years of battery life in cold areas, a collection station with more than 60 sensors, wide coverage. At the same time, 300+ fault characteristics are implanted in the hardware side to achieve intelligent diagnosis of the edge segment, which is more timely and greatly reduces the deployment cycle. In addition, the integrated solution of intelligent conveyor belt is based on robot, industrial intelligent eye RW820, vibration temperature monitoring, and tearing monitoring to achieve multiple perception and sensory integration, which can comprehensively solve the man-machine material ring problem of belt machine inspection; coal heading machine, coal cutter, conveyor comprehensive monitoring solution, split small volume, reliable installation, to cope with the harsh environment on site, second level working condition acquisition, associated acquisition, three special intelligent diagnosis algorithm, to achieve efficient monitoring. The special monitoring program for oil can monitor and analyze metal wear particles, moisture, viscosity, temperature, density, dielectric constant and other key indicators, and grasp the health status of "industrial blood" in real time.

"At the China International Coal Mining Exhibition, Ronds displayed many new products and new solutions independently developed by the 'RondsRobot S5' robot and industrial smart eye RW820, targeting a large number of steady-state fixed equipment in the coal industry, as well as key problems in the operation and maintenance of industrial equipment such as belt conveyor, underground three machines, open-pit shovel and oil fluid. The new products use innovative digital and intelligent means to achieve efficient monitoring. For example, the belt machine in the coal industry faces prominent problems of people, machines, materials, and rings, insufficient intelligent coverage, and serious information islands, which are important pain points that need to be solved and difficult to solve on the coal site. The integrated solution of the intelligent conveyor belt released this time is based on vibration and temperature monitoring, combined with the spirit bird, industrial wisdom eye, and tear monitoring to achieve multiple perception and sensory integration to achieve unmanned inspection."Yao Jiebing, general manager of Ronds, introduced it in a keynote speech entitled "Integrated Intelligence Guards Future Equipment State Comprehensive Perception and helps intelligent Mine Construction" at the 2023 China International Coal Development Forum held at the same time of the exhibition.

For the construction of smart mines, Yao Jiebing gave his own views: "The construction of smart mines is a tide. Intelligent operation and maintenance is not only one of the three smart mining plates, but also the base of the entire smart mine. "Completing the transformation from 'human-centered' to 'data-centered' intelligent operation and maintenance of equipment is the key to ensuring long-term, highly reliable and safe operation of equipment and realizing efficient production."

It is understood that Ronds has been deeply engaged in the field of intelligent equipment operation and maintenance for more than ten years, and has driven the operation and maintenance business of coal mine equipment with data as the core, and has a wide range of market practices. In the future, "we will increase the exploration and breakthrough of intelligent operation and maintenance in the coal industry, deepen market application coverage, jointly create more value for coal enterprises, and make the greatest contribution to the digital transformation of the industry."

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