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Ronds made a wonderful appearance at Abu Dhabi lnternational Petroleum Exhibition and Conference

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When all Chinese enjoy the joy of National Day, another energy industry feast is also held perfectly in the Arabian Peninsula. From October 2nd to 5th, the 2023 UAE ABU Dhabi Oil and Gas Exhibition (ADIPEC 2023) was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in ABU Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. In this exhibition, Ronds brought SuperCare equipment intelligent operation and maintenance platform 2.0, " RondsRobot S5" robot and other new products and innovative intelligent operation and maintenance solutions.

Show up at the top event

The Abu Dhabi lnternational Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC), first held in 1984, has experienced over thirty years of development and has become the number one oil and gas exhibition in the Middle East and even in the Asia and Africa. lt ranks among the top three oil and gas industry exhibitions globally. As a world-class event for the oil and gas industry, the exhibition showcases more than 1,000 products, services and cutting-edge technologies through conferences, technical seminars, exhibitions and other forms, gathering more than 160 countries, 160,000 energy professionals and more than 2,200 exhibiting companies.

At this exhibition, Ronds shared the latest development results with many new and old friends in the industry.  An endless stream of visitors stopped by the exhibition area.  At the same time, a number of customers and partners from Morocco, Pakistan, UAE and other places have visited Ronds exhibition area, and conducted in-depth exchanges and negotiations on past cooperation and future layout.

SuperCare and RondsRobot S5 were highly praised

At the exhibition site, the series of products brought by Ronds can be described as full of highlights, including the recently released SuperCare equipment intelligent operation and maintenance platform 2.0 and the "RondsRobot S5" robot.


After more than a year of practice and precipitation, SuperCare equipment intelligent operation and maintenance platform has successfully helped a number of leading enterprises in the oil and gas industry to consolidate the smart factory base. This time, the platform 2.0 comprehensive iteration, with more powerful intelligent sensing, data center, intelligent algorithm model, intelligent application, etc., to further improve the equipment state perception ability, big data application ability, state research and judgment efficiency, business processing ability. At the scene, the staff at the booth of Ronds explained the functional characteristics, application scenarios and practical results of the platform.

The "RondsRobot S5" robot also attracted the attention of many visitors, and the intelligent algorithm combined with the cloud edge linkage characteristics of the platform can realize the on-site unmanned. The innovative appearance and structure combined with the original patented chain design, more lightweight, more flexible, more smooth, more autonomous, high endurance, won everyone's praise. One of the visitors said that the "RondsRobot S5" robot left a deep impression on himself, the appearance compared with some equipment operation and maintenance robots seen in the past looks much smaller, and a lot of functions, but also very flexible and durable, I believe that the future market application must be very good.

Look forward to seeing more wonderful stories in Middle East

As the region with the largest oil reserves, production and output in the world, the Middle East is the hot land of the oil and gas industry, which has a broad and far-reaching industrial development foundation. In recent years, with the rapid development of digitalization and intelligence in global industry, the demand for intelligent operation and maintenance transformation of regional equipment is strong.

Ronds has been paying attention to the "voice" of customers in the Middle East, and working with many partners to promote the intelligent operation and maintenance business layout of local equipment. At this exhibition, Ronds fully demonstrated the comprehensive strength and brand charm of China's intelligent equipment operation and maintenance service providers through its own products and technical solutions. Kiki Xie, head of overseas business of Ronds, said: "Ronds' development thinking has always been guided by customer value, and impressed customers by improving the efficiency of equipment operation and maintenance and creating actual value. For example, many new equipment intelligent operation and maintenance products displayed at the exhibition can bring more than expected value to customers while attracting customers' attention. I believe that in the future, Ronds will write more wonderful stories in this land."

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