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Ronds and Sinoma Science&technology Co.,Ltd (Chengdu) Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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On August 3rd, Sinoma Science&technology Co.,Ltd (Chengdu) and Anhui Ronds Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hefei. Zhang Chengwei, the General Manager of Sinoma Science&technology Co.,Ltd (Chengdu), and Luo Manman, the Senior Vice President of Ronds, attended the signing ceremony.


Sinoma Science&technology Co.,Ltd (Chengdu) is a digital transformation service enterprise under Sinoma International Engineering Co.,Ltd, a subsidiary of the China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd. China National Building Material Group is the world's largest comprehensive building material industry group, a leading developer of new materials, and a comprehensive service provider. It has been listed on the Fortune Global 500 list for 12 consecutive years, ranking 196th in 2022. The company's businesses in cement, commercial concrete, gypsum boards, fiberglass, wind turbine blades, and cement glass engineering technical services each rank first in the world in terms of scale.

Drawing on the strong research and development capabilities of the China National Building Material Group, Sinoma Science&technology Co.,Ltd (Chengdu) focuses on factory intelligence, equipment intelligence, and operation and maintenance intelligence as its core businesses. They collaborate with leading enterprises in various fields to carry out practical applications, accelerating the transformation of innovative results. With this signing, both parties have formally established a long-term strategic partnership. In the future, we will join hands to accelerate the construction of industry operation and maintenance service centers, empower intelligent operation and maintenance talents, and explore joint innovation, market synergy, and co-creation of brands.


Zhang Chengwei said that the building materials industry is one of the important pillar industries of China's national economy, and its digitalization and intelligent transformation is an inevitable trend. The intelligent equipment operation and maintenance field, which Ronds focuses on, is a particularly significant part of the industry's transformation and development, with prominent value. Sinoma Science&technology Co.,Ltd (Chengdu) has deeply cultivated technological innovation and application in the industry transformation, possessing rich experience in intelligent industry construction. Ronds has extensive technical knowledge and experience in the field of intelligent equipment operation and maintenance. Zhang hopes that both sides can cooperate sincerely, complement each other's strengths, provide high-quality services for the high-quality transformation of the building materials industry, and add fuel to the development of the industrial internet."


At the meeting, Luo Manman, on behalf of Ronds, extended a warm welcome to the delegation from Sinoma Science&technology Co.,Ltd (Chengdu). She stated that in recent years, Rongds has continuously accelerated its exploration of intelligent equipment operation and maintenance in the building materials sector, looking forward to collaborating with more top-tier partners. Sinoma Science&technology Co.,Ltd (Chengdu) actively leverages its strengths in innovative capabilities for intelligent construction, empowering enterprises in all aspects for transformation and upgrading. Their development vision and value philosophy align perfectly with those of Ronds. Luo hopes that in the future, both parties can fully utilize their respective resources, deepen cooperation in existing areas, strengthen exploration in new domains, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the industry.

Lu Qidong, Chief Assistant of Sinoma Science&technology Co.,Ltd (Chengdu), and Xu Xiaowei, Deputy General Manager of the Cement Industry at Ronds, represented both sides in the signing ceremony. Zhuo Hailong, a solutions expert from Sinoma Science&technology Co.,Ltd (Chengdu), along with Jiang Xiaowei, Deputy Director of the Cement Industry, and Gao Zhen, Director of Diagnostic Services at Ronds, attended the discussion and signing ceremony.

Anhui RONDS Science & Technology Incorporated Company, founded in 2007,is a high-tech enterprise in the field of industrial Internet.




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