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Ronds and China National Chemical Huayi Engineering Technology Group Co., LTD Signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement.

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On August 14th, Anhui RONDS Science & Technology Incorporated Company (Ronds) signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with China National Chemical Huayi Engineering Technology Group Co., LTD (Engineering Technology Co., LTD). Liu Hongtao, the Deputy General Manager of Engineering Technology Co., LTD, and Yao Jiebing, the General Manager of Ronds, signed the contract on behalf of both companies. Jiang Zeli, the General Manager of China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation Ltd. (CNCEC) East China Regional Headquarters, the Chairman of Engineering Technology Co., LTD, and Nie Weihua, the Chairman of Ronds, and other leaders attended the signing ceremony.


Engineering Technology Co., LTD is a joint venture company controlled by CNCEC and shared by Shanghai Huayi Holding Group Co., LTD. It focuses on the domestic and international markets, focusing on the development of chemical plant inspection and maintenance and park operation and maintenance services, petrochemical engineering design, engineering contracting, construction contracting and new infrastructure (new energy, environmental protection) and other sectors of business. CNCEC is a large central enterprise group supervised by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. It is also an international engineering company with the most complete qualification, the most complete function, the most complete business chain and the most knowledge and technology intensive in the field of chemical engineering in China.


Jiang Zeli, on behalf of Engineering Technology Co., LTD, welcomed everyone coming from afar. Digital transition is the trend of The Times, he said, including maintenance of digital transformation is in the service of the digital economy development of our country and industry quality improvement of practical needs, also is the necessary way of maintenance business bigger and stronger. Ronds has the core technology and complete product system advantages of independent intellectual property rights, and hopes to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with each other in equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis, integrity management, equipment full cycle life management, and integrated services in the future.


Nie Weihua expressed gratitude for the trust and support of engineering technology companies, and introduced the achievements made by Ronds over the years in integrating advanced technologies at home and abroad, expanding application scenarios, and establishing a full-product matrix around intelligent equipment operation and maintenance. He said that at present, digital technology, industrial change and other factors are integrated and superimposed, innovation-driven, transformation and upgrading have become a must for every enterprise, and have become the responsibility of more technical service enterprises to help the development of the digital economy. It is hoped that in the future cooperation, Ronds and Engineering Technology Co., LTD will become strategic partners for common development and mutual benefit, deepen cooperation in the application of equipment intelligent operation and maintenance technology, and make the industry better.

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