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Representatives of Hundreds of Leading Iron and Steel Enterprises Organized to Visit RONDS

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A few days ago, the 2022 Chinese Steel Industry CIO Summit Forum were successfully held in Hefei, Anhui. During the conference, technical personnel and principals of hundreds of leading enterprises in the iron and steel industry in China visited RONDS for exchange.


The visiting guests visited RONDS remote diagnostic service center, learned about the working environment of the RONDS diagnostic service expert team, and watched the key indicator data and market application of RONDS real-time monitored equipment, complete closed-loop cases, equipment coverage types and other aspects through the demonstration screen.


In the diagnosis case laboratory, RONDS experts comprehensively introduced the practical achievements of RONDS in the field of intelligent operation and maintenance of equipment over the past ten years and the diagnosis stories behind many equipment parts to the visiting guests, and carefully answered various questions of the visiting guests. During the heated exchange, everyone shared their own equipment management experience and reliability development experience.


In the brand exhibition area, the guests fully understood the development history, corporate culture, business distribution, market blueprint, etc. of RONDS, and felt the innovative functions and unique advantages of the software and hardware products of RONDS, further improving their understanding of the technological layout and product system of RONDS.

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