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RONDS variable pitch bearing intelligent monitoring solution innovation to achieve “3 pains 3 difficulties” to “3 accuracies”

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 Variable pitch bearing

 Intelligent monitoring solution                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

                                                                                                                                                                                       Solve the variable pitch bearing issues for wind turbines, addressing:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      3 major operational pain points

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       3 major monitoring challenges


                                                                                Pain point                          Innovation advantage                                  Application value

Variable pitch bearing is one of the core parts of the control system of large wind turbines. It controls the speed of the wind turbine by controlling the Angle of the blade, and then controls the output power of the fan. It can also safely shut down the fan by means of aerodynamic braking. Therefore, it is of great significance to conduct early online fault monitoring for variable pitch bearings.

Recently, RONDS officially released the intelligent monitoring solution of variable pitch bearings, which effectively solved the 3 major operation and maintenance pain points and 3 major monitoring problems of wind turbine variable pitch bearings.


Variable pitch bearing operation and maintenance

"Three pains and three difficulties"


As a major challenge of intelligent operation and maintenance of equipment in the wind power industry, variable pitch bearings of wind turbines have been faced with three major operation and maintenance pain points and three major monitoring problems.

3 major operational pain points

Firstly, variable pitch bearings are subject to alternating and multi-source loads and operate in harsh environments, leading to frequent wear, fatigue, and failure. Secondly, the complex working environment of variable pitch bearings makes maintenance challenging. Traditional manual inspection and repair methods are inefficient and often delayed. Additionally, the lack of scientific methods makes it difficult for human inspectors to detect early-stage cracks and other faults. If such early-stage faults are not identified and addressed promptly, severe failures can result in blade imbalance and detachment, leading to significant safety and economic losses.


Intelligent monitoring solution of variable pitch bearing

Innovation advantages

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RONDS innovative intelligent monitoring solution for day-new variable pitch bearings focuses on three major pain points and three major challenges. Through technological research and development, it effectively solves key problems and achieves efficient monitoring of various fault types in variable pitch bearings, variable pitch systems, and blade systems. This brand-new solution has six innovative advantages.

Efficient identification
The unique motor operating condition plus low-frequency vibration solution accurately identifies variable pitch triggers and precisely captures the status of wind turbine variable pitch.

Accurate diagnosis

The innovative impact vibration monitoring technology combines impact pulse and vibration monitoring, capable of identifying and determining early faults in variable pitch bearings. The dual-sensor installation design allows for more accurate damage localization, enhancing the effectiveness of alarms and diagnoses.

Counter jamming

It has the ability to locate impacts emitted from the same source fault points and suppress operating noise, strongly eliminating interference from external impacts. By utilizing indicators such as bearing lubrication, impact magnitude, and impact energy, it accurately determines the state of the bearing.

Integrated monitoring
The intelligent monitoring of variable pitch is integrated with blade vibration monitoring and blade root bolt gap monitoring, achieving integrated monitoring of major blade components.

Intelligent processing

Based on SuperCare equipment intelligent operation and maintenance platform 2.0, to create an intelligent monitoring system for variable pitch bearing, with intelligent and perfect alarm processing and fault linkage processing functions, fine alarm process and feedback, effectively achieve high efficiency of departmental linkage, rapid fault processing, and timely failure closed-loop.

Expert support

RONDS 365*24 hours cloud expert support, can provide professional diagnostic services, while providing different personnel training, monitoring services.


Intelligent monitoring solution of variable pitch bearing

Application value


Today, as wind turbine units continue to grow in size, ensuring the safety, reliability, and effective operation of wind turbine units is a crucial economic and safety concern for owners. Utilizing the impact vibration solution to monitor the health status of variable pitch bearings, our innovative solution addresses the difficulty that many current schemes face in detecting faults in variable pitch bearings.

Help improve power generation efficiency

Through efficient condition monitoring, equipment failures can be accurately predicted, unplanned downtime can be avoided through early abnormal warning, and fan operation time can be improved by 10%-20%.

Avoid security risks

Obtain abnormal status information of fan variable pitch bearing in advance, prevent it early, and avoid serious safety accidents.

Reduce operation and maintenance costs

The transformation from planned maintenance to predictive maintenance reduces the total maintenance cost of equipment by 5%-10% and the planned maintenance time by 20%-50%.

Empower management promotion

Through the monitoring and management of the whole life cycle of variable pitch bearings, the optimization and improvement of the management of variable pitch bearings for wind turbines are realized. Fault closed-loop case diagnosis report, periodic physical examination report and other equipment status information records are complete, not only convenient for wind power owners/OEMs to review summary, but also optimize the owner/OEMs to improve design, procurement and so on.

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