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RONDS Empowers New Zealand Oceania Dairy Ltd Intelligent Transformation of Operation and Maintenance

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In recent years, Anhui Ronds Science & Technology Incorporated Company (RONDS) has continued to promote the global layout of intelligent operation and maintenance business, and actively increased the expansion of overseas markets. Recently, the equipment intelligent operation and maintenance system constructed by RONDS for New Zealand Oceania Dairy Ltd (ODL), an overseas company of Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Limited. was officially put on line for trial. The system has accurately detected a number of faults and hidden problems within a month.


Located in the South Island, New Zealand, ODL is one of the world’s largest integrated dairy bases, dedicated to high-quality dairy products, and covering packaging, production, further processing, scientific research and many other fields. It has advanced dairy production facilities requiring safe and stable operation of equipment.

Previously, the traditional “human-centered” equipment operation and maintenance model, which relied too much on human experience, with problems such as heavy workload of point inspection, untimely data collection, and difficulty in monitoring special environments. Now, the new online intelligent operation and maintenance system accurately monitors equipment tens of thousands of kilometers away. In the meantime, RONDS provides a wealth of subscription-based services such as equipment health checkups and diagnostic expert consulting services, making equipment operation and maintenance simpler and more assured, and all-roundly helping ODL to promote the intelligent care of equipment operation and maintenance.

The changes it brings can be seen in three aspects, namely, real-time perception of equipment status, advance prediction of faults, and more accurate and efficient operation and maintenance. For core equipment, the intelligent transformation from “human-centered” to “data-centered” is the key to ensure long-term, high reliability, safe operation of equipment, and efficient production. The first phase of pilot equipment was completed in a month, and a number of hidden faults were quickly found.

Dust and Scale Deposition

  • RONDS,7 March at 02:28a.m., Beijing Time

D1D1FN0501 Centrifugal Fan- Cockpit Equipment Details

D1D1FN0501 Centrifugal Fan - On-site Sensor Installation Diagram

D1D1FN0501 Centrifugal Fan - Alarm Details

D1D1FN0501 Centrifugal Fan - Alarm Handling and Review

Push diagnostic conclusions: The vibration of the centrifugal fan motor non-drive end is increasing, which should be related to the lack of foundation stiffness or unbalance, and slow deterioration in the recent past. (There is no data from the fan measurement point, which may be related to the accumulation of dust and fouling of the fan blades)

It is recommended to pay attention to the vibration of the non-driven end of the motor during inspection; check whether the preload of blot is insufficient, and check whether the fan blade is abnormal.

  • ODL,7 March at 15:08p.m., Beijing Time

A site inspection revealed excessive powder buildup on one of the blades, which was cleaned up. “Thanks you for the comprehensive report and RONDS’ team’s assistance. Our team were impressed with your response and support and are looking forward to you helping us with future early warnings and diagnosis preventing failures and breakdowns.” customer stated.


Coupling Breakage

  • RONDS,6 March at 14:29p.m., Beijing Time

B1B1ME0401 Centrifugal Fan - Equipment Cockpit Details

B1B1ME0401 Centrifugal Fan - On-site Sensor Installation Diagram

B1B1ME0401 Centrifugal Fan - Initial Health Diagnosis Conclusion and Maintenance Recommendations

Conclusion of the first examination: The centrifugal fan unit has looseness and abrasion, especially on the fixed end of the fan, which may be related to the abnormal running condition of the coupling. It is recommended to pay attention to the abnormal sound of coupling operation near the fixed end of the fan, check the looseness and wear of the coupling during production breaks, and pay attention to whether there is any abrasion phenomenon near the bearing seat of the fixed end of the fan.

  • ODL, 15 March at 05:10a.m., Beijing Time

Field service feedback on centrifugal fan coupling breakage, accurate inspection.


Powder Deposition on Fan Blade

  • RONDS,12 March at 22:05p.m., Beijing Time

D1D1FN0501 Centrifugal Fan - Alarm Details

D1D1FN0501 Centrifugal Fan - Alarm Handling and Review

Recently, velocity vibration values at the NDEH measuring point is high, which increased from 2.812 mm/s to 13.338 mm/s, presumed to be related to coupling damage or blade dust accumulation. It is recommended to verify the status of the equipment on site as soon as possible. Check the coupling for abnormal noise, check the coupling wear status during the scheduled inspection, and synchronize the check for powder accumulation on the fan blades.

  • ODL, 13 March at 09:45a.m., Beijing Time

Inspection revealed that the blades did have powder buildup, and the monitoring judgment was accurate.


The remarkable achievements in equipment monitoring, as witnessed, have garnered high recognition and praise from ODL. In the future, both parties will continue to collaborate, exploring and enhancing data mining and technological innovation. Deploying intelligent algorithm models, expanding applications to more equipment, through sustained deployment, will aid in accelerating the digitalization and intelligence development of enterprises.

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