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RONDS Attends the China Mobile Thailand Manufacturing Innovation Exchange

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Recently, the Thai subsidiary of China Mobile held a "win-win ecological smart future" manufacturing innovation exchange in Rayong region. As a leading enterprise in the field of intelligent operation and maintenance of Chinese industrial equipment, and also a partner of China Mobile, Ronds was invited to attend the event and share our solutions online.


This event is the largest scale event held by China Mobile in Rayong, Thailand after the beginning of Covid-19, and has received widespread attention from local media. Representatives of more than 30 key manufacturing enterprises and regional expert leaders from Rayong Industrial Park, WHA Industrial Park and Rojana Industrial Park attended the event to discuss the path of intelligent manufacturing innovation and transformation on technical topics such as 5G, IoT, AI and big data.


Wu Wei, a solutions expert of Ronds, comprehensively shared a speech about "intelligent operation and maintenance helps industrial safety manufacturing". "Under the global epidemic, the challenges of traditional industries in equipment safety, stable production and value-added, human optimization and other aspects have been amplified, and the arrival of intelligent equipment operation and maintenance will effectively solve these problems." Wu Wei said, "Ronds has been deeply involved in this for a long time. With innovative equipment intelligent operation and maintenance platform, 24/7 diagnostic service system, and 10000 + closed-loop cases experience, our company has built a 'Trident' for equipment operation and maintenance, which can face hundreds of equipment types, realize predictive maintenance of equipment, and long-term empower thousands of key enterprises in more than 10 industries, such as wind power, petrochemical, metallurgy, cement, coal, etc., to further promote intelligent manufacturing on the basis of ensuring safe manufacturing. ”

At the meeting, Wu Wei introduced the advantages of Ronds intelligent operation and maintenance system such as intelligent alarm, fault location and state prediction with a number of application cases, which won the unanimous recognition and attention of enterprise representatives. Wu Wei said, "in the field of digital transformation of equipment operation and maintenance, Ronds is one of the few Chinese enterprises to connect all links from the underlying hardware equipment to the upper software, intelligent algorithms and diagnostic services. In the future, Ronds company hopes to work together with China Mobile to continue to accelerate the in-depth application of 5G and other new technologies in products, so as to boost the growth rate of digital transformation of more domestic and foreign manufacturing enterprises".

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