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Over 100,000 Units丨Equipment Accessed to RONDS Remote Online Monitoring and Diagnosis Center Reach Another Peak

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the 100,000th industrial equipment was successfully accessed to RONDS Remote Online Monitoring and Diagnosis Center

Recently, the 100,000th industrial equipment was successfully accessed to RONDS Remote Online Monitoring and Diagnosis Center. From more than 30,000 units in 2020 to 55,000 units in 2021, and now to more than 100,000 units, the number of Ronds online monitoring service equipment has achieved rapid growth several times in the past two years, and won more clients’ recognition through continuous value creation and service empowerment.

Guard the Lifeblood of High-value Assets

Industrial enterprises have huge production lines and numerous high-value equipment, which are not only the basis of enterprise revenue, but also the lifeblood of assets. More than 100,000 industrial equipment accessed to RONDS Remote Online Monitoring and Diagnosis Center, at present, are widely distributed in thousands of key enterprises in many heavy asset industries, such as petrochemical, wind power, steel, cement, coal, etc., not only including many single equipment worth more than 10 million dollar, such as direct drive, semi direct drive, doubly fed fans of all types in wind power industry, sizing machine, Morgan reducing sizing, plate roughing mill, cold bed, and piercer in steel industry, vertical mill, roller press in cement industry, Granulators in petrochemical industry, as well as coal shovels with a value of 100 million dollar. Through predictive maintenance, accurately predict and analyze the mechanism of equipment failure, avoid out of repair and over repair, reduce maintenance costs, extend the service life of equipment, and greatly improve the return on investment of customers.

Guarantee Clients to Achieve Their Capacity Target

Since 2020, the number of equipment accessed to RONDS Remote Online Monitoring and Diagnosis Center has rapidly climbed from more than 30,000 to more than 100,000. Ronds helped many large enterprises build their own equipment intelligent operation and maintenance centers to achieve local deployment. Through real-time monitoring of equipment status, abnormal alarm, fault diagnosis, equipment life cycle health status evaluation, and arrangement of a series of inspection and maintenance workflow management based on equipment operation status, Ronds comprehensively guarantees the continuity of production line or device production, and guards the enterprise to achieve the capacity target.

Since 2020, the number of equipment accessed to RONDS Remote Online Monitoring and Diagnosis Center has rapidly climbed from more than 30,000 to more than 100,000

For example, in 2021, the steel market will be in great demand, and FANGDA SPECIAL STEEL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD will make full use of its power to promote production. Through efficient online monitoring of equipment, Ronds guaranteed zero unplanned downtime and efficient operation of production line equipment during the high load production cycle in the peak season for more than a year.

Guard the Safety of High-risk Equipment

With the innovation of industrial automation, materials and processes, the diversity and complexity of equipment hazard sources and hidden dangers are increasing, and the disastrous consequences are increasingly serious. Especially in mining, chemical, chemistry, metallurgy and other industries, whose accidents occur frequently. Therefore, it is more and more important to establish an advanced, reliable and all-round safety monitoring and early warning system for equipment. Practice has proved that any accident or disaster has "signs" to look for, most of which are predictable. Through the establishment of intelligent equipment online monitoring system and data perception layer, Ronds accurately captured the "danger signs" that are difficult to capture in routine manual point patrol inspection, and quickly promoted troubleshooting.

For example, Ronds currently has online monitored nearly 10000 sets of high temperature and high pressure, flammable and explosive, toxic and harmful and other high risk pumps, and all high risk pumps have kept zero safety accidents since they were taken care of, comprehensively guarding the safety of enterprises.

Take the Lead in Achieving Stable and Large-scale Care

In the long-term process of exploration and development, Ronds has continued to enrich its own capability dimensions, and has taken the lead in forming a stable large-scale equipment care experience and system in the industry. Behind the large-scale equipment monitoring, there is a dual assessment of "monitoring difficulty" and "monitoring volume" of equipment. Ronds currently monitors more than 100,000 sets of equipment online, as well as various large key equipment with large monitoring difficulty factors, such as rolling mills, sintering machines, grate machines, tension levelers in steel production lines, rotary kilns and roller presses in the cement industry. Their workload is large, complexity is high, failure rate is high, nursing convenience is poor, and nursing is difficult. Through long-term experience accumulation and continuous change of intelligent algorithms, Ronds now has more than 210 types of nursing equipment, covering multiple types of dynamic equipment diagnosis subsystems such as steam turbine, reciprocating machine, rolling mill, crown block, pump, fan, etc., to fully ensure the safe operation of equipment. In the face of super large equipment care, it is more about the "test" of Ronds’ new technology, products, services and other comprehensive capabilities. Ronds is one of the few enterprises in the world that has opened up every link from the underlying hardware equipment to the upper software, intelligent algorithms to diagnostic services, and has completed a complete technical layout from sensor core components, wireless sensor networks, data collection, industrial big data processing, intelligent diagnosis to equipment intelligent operation and maintenance platform solutions, which can fully meet the diversified product needs of large quantities of equipment care. Nowadays, large quantities of online monitoring services are widely used in Sinopec Group, China Datang Group, Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group.

Lead Industry Cognitive Change

As an emerging thing in the industrial field in the early days, intelligent operation and maintenance of equipment has always been questioned in its practical value because there is no more practical application and industry reference. Over the years, Ronds has been actively playing the role of the industry leader, continuously accelerating market development and product technology breakthrough, expanding the industry coverage, establishing cooperation with thousands of key enterprises, and realizing the coverage of more than 100,000 online monitoring service equipment. More than 11,000 real fault closed-loop cases, more than 1 million reports, etc., make predictive maintenance truly visible and practical. The rich value presentation also makes the equipment intelligent operation and maintenance industry accepted and recognized by more and more users.

More than 11,000 real fault closed-loop cases make predictive maintenance truly visible and practical.

For example, CITIC Taifu Special Steel Group has covered many subsidiaries from early single project pilot to Qingdao Special Steel Co., Ltd., Daye Special Steel Co., Ltd., Jingjiang Special Steel Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Taifu Special Materials Co., Ltd., and is now making every effort to build Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel Co., Ltd. into a new benchmark for the Group's digital intelligence transformation. Its 23 main line branches will realize intelligent data acquisition terminals Equipment intelligent operation and maintenance platform, equipment integrated management system and remote diagnosis center are fully covered.

As the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other new generation information technologies are further applied in the field of industrial equipment, in the future, more industrial equipment will be connected to the cloud to achieve efficient collaboration between equipment and people and equipment. Ronds will also actively accelerate the innovation and integration of new technologies, new products and industrial equipment, and use data technology to drive equipment operation and maintenance decisions, spare parts sharing, maintenance sharing, equipment life prediction, green remanufacturing, etc., to help more enterprises achieve intelligent equipment operation and maintenance reform.

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