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Our Software And Hardware Products Help You Together

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Generally, any equipment has multiple vibration sources, such as bearing defects, unbalance and gear meshing, etc. Different vibration sources vibrate in different frequencies and directions. The vibration monitoring system can measure the vibration speed, vibration displacement, etc. of the X/Y/Z three-axis on the vibrating machine, and can also measure the surface temperature of the vibration equipment. Managers can analyze which part of the equipment is at fault by looking at changes in vibration data.

Here is the content list:

  • Data access and transfer

  • Data traceability and documentation

  • Location and distribution of sensors

Data access and transfer

In many cases, due to the high noise and moving environment of several industrial equipments requiring vibration monitoring, more managers have headaches due to wiring problems. Hope to find an instrument that is easy to install, easy to monitor, and easy to view. Portable vibration analyzers do not require complicated wiring. It can provide the vibration speed, vibration displacement, and surface temperature data of the vibrating machinery in real time and accurately without wiring in the whole process of data monitoring and transmission, and uploading the data to the environmental monitoring platform.

Data traceability and documentation

In the factory environment, the portable vibration analyzer may need to arrange dozens of measuring points, and there will be thousands of monitoring data. The environmental monitoring platform will store these data in the historical records, and managers can check them at any time through time filtering , and can also generate weekly and monthly reports to print and export.

In addition to real-time data viewing, the vibration monitoring system also has functions such as large-screen visualization, electronic maps, multi-level management, and over-limit alarm prompts. The over-limit alarm prompt means that managers can set a reasonable vibration range for the different vibration frequencies of different devices under test. When the vibration data of the device under test exceeds the set vibration range, the platform will send an alarm message to the management personnel in the form of page-turning red, voice, text message, email, etc., so that the management personnel can dispatch personnel in time for on-site inspection.

Location and distribution of sensors

The portable vibration analyzer can set up multiple measuring points and can read the data of different axis motions on multiple devices at the same time. There are no special requirements for the placement of the wireless vibration sensor, and it is only necessary to pay attention to the correct X/Y/Z axis direction when using it.

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