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Our Intelligent Platform Incubates Infinite Possibilities

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Ronds SuperCare equipment intelligent operation and maintenance platform are based on sensing technology, data collection, big data analysis, and cloud services. Using edge computing, intelligent algorithms, diagnostic models, and other technologies, it breaks through many barriers, realizes information integration, and obtains real state data with the condition monitoring system.

Here is the content list:

  • Check out our Ronds SuperCare equipment intelligent operation and maintenance platform

  • Incubation infinite possibilities

Check out our Ronds SuperCare equipment intelligent operation and maintenance platform

The Ronds SuperCare platform uses digital technology to drive the transformation of operation and maintenance services such as equipment maintenance, life prediction, and inventory management so that the effectiveness, economy, and safety of equipment operation and maintenance have been comprehensively improved.

To predict the future, redefine equipment operation and maintenance models, and integrate multiple systems/eliminate data silos.

The Ronds SuperCare platform uses cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things, 5G, and big data to break through information barriers, as well as equipment status engines and various business management platforms. Eliminate all kinds of equipment operation and maintenance information island data collection, status monitoring, operation, and maintenance business, cost control, and other modules to achieve an efficient online vibration monitoring system.

Status digitization/full one-stop management

In the context of convenient technology in the digital age, the Ronds SuperCare platform simplifies the complex mechanism of traditional equipment operation and maintenance. Relying on the new technology independently developed, the platform realizes the visualization and digitization of equipment status and drives the whole-process management business such as equipment inspection and maintenance. Simplify the complexity, one-stop automatic generation of inspection and maintenance work orders, and automatic triggering of spare parts distribution, truly realizing industrial intelligence.

Multidimensional Interface/Building Monitoring Skynet

The Ronds SuperCare platform supports providing hardware and software access to data and developing algorithms and applications. The multi-dimensional interface realizes multi-source data monitoring such as equipment vibration, temperature, current, voltage, oil, and torque. Help customers improve the all-around online vibration monitoring system of all dynamic and static equipment and electrostatic instruments, and build a dedicated intelligent monitoring Skynet.

  • Incubation infinite possibilities

The Ronds Supercare platform not only realizes multi-source data monitoring but also takes into account the derivative applications of intelligent algorithms. Ronds SuperCare platform is based on a knowledge base, data factory, and algorithm factory, integrating equipment mechanism, expert experience, machine learning, and big data technology to build a digital and intelligent engine of industrial equipment status. This "smart fertile soil" is based on an open platform, which supports customers to develop intelligent algorithm applications and incubates infinite possibilities in the future.

  • Prevent safety accidents

The SuperCare platform can obtain equipment abnormal status information in advance, implement accurate operation and maintenance, eliminate hidden dangers, avoid unplanned downtime, improve the intrinsic safety level of equipment, and prevent safety accidents.

  • Implements few or no operators

The SuperCare platform will gradually replace manual inspections, reduce the workload of personnel, and promote the realization of fewer unmanned inspections. At the same time, the SuperCare platform gradually replaces offline businesses through information-based equipment management software, unifies standards, standardizes operations, solidifies processes, and improves work efficiency.

  • Reduce maintenance costs

The SuperCare platform will transform from past maintenance and preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance and condition monitoring system, effectively reducing equipment over- and under-repair. Extend the equipment maintenance cycle, reduce the consumption of spare parts, and reduce the overall cost of equipment operation and maintenance.

  • Drive intelligent transformation

The SuperCare platform breaks the human-centered model and transforms it into an intelligent operation and maintenance model centered on data and models. Equipment status data drives equipment management business, realizes the digitization and visualization of equipment status, and helps enterprises realize intelligent transformation.

  • Accumulation and solidification of knowledge

The SuperCare platform has a professional equipment technology, management, diagnosis, and fault knowledge base, which can help enterprises effectively accumulate knowledge management on equipment maintenance, fault management, material management, and basic equipment information, and provide reverse guidance for equipment management.

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