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Focus on 5G丨Conference of Technology Week and Mobile Information Industrial Chain Innovation

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Recently, the "Conference of Technology Week and Mobile Information Industrial Chain Innovation " held by China Mobile is in full swing. As a leading enterprise in the field of intelligent O&M of industrial equipment, RONDS was invited to participate, and Yao Jiebing, senior vice president of the company, attended the online forum and made a topic share.


This conference invited academicians, scholars, experts, and focused on the key difficulties in the transformation and upgrading of the mobile information industrial chain, seeking a new future of the mobile industry. In the sub-forum, Yao Jiebing, focusing on the theme of equipment  O&M reform driven by new technology, shared RONDS's innovative applications in the field of 5G+ equipment intelligent O&M.


(Yao Jiebing, Senior Vice President of RONDS, made a statement on the topic)

"At present, many industrial enterprises are facing the problems of many equipment O&M such as backward maintenance mode, insufficient management skills, and high O&M costs. As a 'specialist' in industrial equipment, RONDS continues to empower industrial enterprises to update equipment O&M models.” Yao Jiebing said that RONDS is one of the few domestic enterprises that has opened up all links from underlying hardware equipment to upper-level software, and has developed intelligent algorithms and diagnostic services. “Without doubt, we have leading technology and advantages on products. Our products and services includes wind power, petrochemical, metallurgy, cement, coal, rail transit and more than ten other industries and thousands of key enterprises, and also includes avoiding accidents, reducing wastages, striving to create value for customers.”


“The converged application of 5G+ device intelligent O&M will further promote the digital transformation of industrial enterprises.” In the discussion of 5G applications, Yao Jiebing said that equipment intelligent operation and maintenance is the product of the integration of a new generation of information and industrial technology, which has innate advantages in 5G applications. In recent years, RONDS and China Mobile have carried out a series of cooperation. In the construction of specific projects, the construction of 5G network foundation has greatly reduced the difficulty of deploying intelligent equipment O&M systems. In the future, RONDS will strengthen cooperation with China Mobile and jointly promote collaborative innovation in the mobile information industrial chain.

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