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Basic Models and Types of Accelerometers

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An accelerometer consists of a proof mass (also called a sensitive mass), a support, a potentiometer, a spring, a damper, and a housing.

Here is the content list:

  • The basic model of an accelerometer

  • Types of accelerometers

  • Our accelerometers are great

The basic model of an accelerometer

The proof mass is constrained to move along only one axis, often referred to as the input or sensitive axis. When the instrument shell is accelerated along the direction of the sensitive axis with the carrier, according to Newton's law, the detection mass with certain inertia tries to keep its original motion state unchanged. There will be relative motion between it and the housing, which will deform the spring, and then the detection mass will be accelerated under the action of the spring force. When the spring force is in balance with the inertial force generated when the test mass accelerates, there is no relative motion between the test mass and the housing, and the deformation of the spring reflects the magnitude of the measured acceleration. As a displacement sensing element, the potentiometer converts the acceleration signal into an electrical signal for output. The accelerometer is essentially a one-degree-of-freedom oscillating system, and dampers must be used to improve the dynamic quality of the system.

Types of accelerometers

According to the displacement mode of the detection mass, there are linear accelerometers (the detection mass acts as a linear displacement) and pendulum accelerometers (the detection mass rotates around the support shaft);

According to the support method, there are gemstone support, flexible support, air float, liquid float, magnetic suspension, electrostatic suspension, etc.;

According to the composition of the measurement system, there are open-loop and closed-loop types;

According to the working principle, there are vibrating wires, vibrating beams, and pendulums integrating gyro accelerometers, etc.;

According to the number of input axes, there are single-axis, dual-axis, and three-axis accelerometers;

According to the classification of sensing elements, there are piezoelectric type, piezoresistive type, and potentiometer type.

Usually, the characteristics of several different taxonomies are combined to name an accelerometer.

Our accelerometers are great

Our accelerometers have excellent deviation stability.

Good environmental performance (shock, vibration, and temperature)

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Low voltage analog output

Overcurrent protection

Integrated temperature sensor

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